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Crawl Space Sewage Cleanup

Best Crime Scene Cleanup Tampa provides high quality crawl space cleaning to residents all over Tampa. Owners of homes with pier and beam foundations are our usual clients for this type of service. Pier and beam homes were mostly built before the 1960s, but the design largely fell out of use in the following decades.

A distinct feature of the pier and beam home is the presence of a crawl space between the floor and earth. This allows enough space for electrical wiring and plumbing to be installed underneath the floor. The space between the earth and the floor provides protection for your home from moisture and flooding, as well as makes it easier for plumbers and electricians to reach pipes and wiring if something breaks down and whenever repairs are needed.

As with everything in life, the pier and beam foundation has several disadvantages. The crawl space is a good nesting place for bugs and rats. Poor ventilation, inundation of floodwater, and accumulation of moisture allow mold and mildew to fester. Even when flood water has receded, water can still sit in and fester your wood beams, brick or concrete walls, and insulation, causing long-lasting water damage. This will eventually weaken your house support structure and cause its collapse.

Worse, whenever a pipe breaks and raw sewage leaks into the crawlspace, then you can be in for a lot of trouble. But it’s not something that cannot be solved! Best Crime Scene Cleanup Tampa offers crawl space sewage cleanup services so that you don’t have to worry about it.



When you notice that something seems wrong with your plumbing and foul odors are making your house smell gross, there is a chance that one of your sewage pipes has been damaged and raw sewage has leaked onto the soil. The odor can make its way inside your home and be rather unpleasant. In addition, germs and fungi can pass through the HVAC system located in your crawl space. The air inside your home can be toxic and you might not even know it.

You can check the crawl space yourself or have a professional do it for you to determine if the area, indeed, is the problem and if you need a sewage cleanup under the house. Having a plumber repair the pipes is just the first step in the process of restoring your home’s crawl space. There’s also the problem of removing all the nasty stuff that had accumulated over time. One thing you should not attempt, however, is extracting the raw sewage on your own because all this nasty stuff is highly toxic. Plumbers are also ill-equipped to take on the crawl space cleanup as it requires special skills, training, and equipment. Our crew at Best Crime Scene Cleanup Tampa does all the dirty work so you don’t have to.


How to clean sewage in the crawl space?

After you book an appointment, we’ll dispatch a team to your house for a free assessment. We’ll see how bad the area is and what we can do about it. We will then discuss with you how we will clean the area and how the raw sewage will be disposed of in a safe way. Our team will begin the cleanup as soon as we have your approval. We equip our crew with personal protective gear during the whole process as this is a hazardous job.



Do you suspect you need a sewage cleanup under the house or you want to see how easy it is to have your crawl space cleaned up? If you or your plumber has determined that raw sewage has indeed leaked into your house’s crawl space, then give Best Crime Scene Cleanup Tampa a call at 813-773-2996. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days every week so you can call us even during moments of emergencies. We go beyond crawl space cleanup. Check the other pages of our for other cleanup services we offer to Tampa.


Our services are covered by most Homeowners Insurance Policies and/or General Business Liability.

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